Pattern Two : Data is the next “intel inside”

Web 2.0 in this pattern
It is well known that internet and web 1.0 has in great extent improved people’s view for Data. They could reader them, search useful information, especially for students and researchers. People’s viewpoint towards data has been totally changed or updated after Web 2.0 applied into World Wide Web. Data could be made in different format, for example video, audio, XML and so on.  Besides data format, usage of data also changed a lot. People get rid of the traditional desktop application habit and change to a more open and shared online data services system or architecture. Meanwhile data strategies are used in Web 2.0 data management, including creation , control, framework ,access and data infrastructure.Wikipedia or Youtbe has  become the main data library for knowledge and video searching. Some core rules for data of Web 2.0:

  •   Unique data source

Web 2.0 need a unique data source to become more competitive, for example IMDB or Wikipedia

  •  Enhance data

Web 2.0 application requires data to be used in a more comprehensive structure and aggregated way. For example,  using tag or multi-dimensions searching.

  •   Balance the data for user and reserved for you

Data is the most important thing than hardware or software. Even thought user could edit their own data or upload own data, website also need to make some rule or logic to reserve the right for check, filter or management data to keep legal and security.

Some cons of the pattern

  • Data owner: Data must be under good management, so how to encourage date owner do work under policy is very important.
  • Copyright:Copyright is always a problem toward content provider.As O’Reilly(2005) wrote “A further point must be noted with regard to data, and that is user concerns about privacy and their rights to their own data. In many of the early web applications, copyright is only loosely enforced.”

Evaluating Web 2.0 application

4Shared( is a file share Web 2.0 website, aiming to help user to share their file and help finder to find useful files that they are interested more convenient.4Shared has the unique data file management method and they enhance their data though giving file rate and classified data. User could upload their file and share to other website, as Ilascu(2010) said:” Creating a free 4shared online storage account lets you backup no less than 10GB of data to their servers and grants you access to it whenever you want”. in another word, other website could use their data, as Google maps could be used as basic data in some tour websites. But they still need some limit when you are not a member of them. Meanwhile they are shared the user information with Twitter and Feacbook to reuse data and outsource some data of user. Online library data is more well-structured than 4shared,but 4shared is more flexible to use and to share. In the future, 4Shared would improve the data management in social network domain. For 4shared ,that has no copyright problem as Youtube or some book data center.


O’Reilly, T. 2005. What is web 2.0 (accessed March 14, 2012)

Ilascu, I. 2010. 10GB of Free Online Storage (accessed March 14, 2012)


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